torstai 23. elokuuta 2012

some "fashion"

Music <3  this one <3
some photos we took on our way to the store :P

Pretty huh?!?!? so again the "i love you" nails :) <3


Okay :) so theese nails are also some experiment type of thing :P so black base and gold decoration + fake jewerly :) looks pretty good for experiment :) right?! inspiration!!! music!!! veras nails :) short and not nearly as pretty as iris's XD

tiistai 21. elokuuta 2012


Wiii!!! We bought more those awesome nail art things from mic mac!!! So first thing we did: Iris' nails!! Wihii!! So first we just paint the nails with pink nail  polish and tehn we decorate it with different black shapes :) and then we added some cute "diamonds" (pink and black) and TADAA! XD cool huh? first time we properly use theese fake jewerlys so pretty good :)




not the best ones but...

awesome right!!?? <3

maanantai 20. elokuuta 2012

These are our favorite nails!!! Because of Iris' MOST GORGEOUS nails this painting looks really pretty :) so inspiration again came from 2ne1's Daras nails :) from "I love you" promo pictures nails :) original and  from another blog i think our nails are better ;)  And the little hearts were made with THIS!, but we have different colours :P

Summer nails

These nails we made by using this awesome sbonge thecnique like this! (yo) but we think these are bit too light colored but it was worth trying because we have made few really awesome nails, but obliviously we have no pictures of those :( but still cool!
pink&green <3
So these nails came from Vera's head :D But we used these awesome rivets by. Kiss nail art here! (same in army nails :)
Cute right? :) <3


As we said these are LOT better then the last ones :D inspiration came from Ft Island's Lee Hongi's "Severely" mv nails :)here!
Cool huh!?!? XD

2ne1 Dara

Okay!! Here we go :) so these are our first "art" nails that we made, so as you can see these are not so good yet but trust us we are lot better now :D So the inspiration came from this tutorial viedo, here! , 2ne1s i'm the best mv Daras nails :)
midel and fore finger